Slowing Down, paintings by Declan Greene at Gallery Interlude, Friday November 8-11th

Poster for the event by Gallery Interlude Team Member Ciaran Nash

Myself and the ‘Interlude Team are super excited to host the indomitable Declan Greene this week, with his exceptional suite of paintings on display in the Treaty City opening at 7pm this Friday.

I have waxed lyrical before on this site about my adventures going out painting in Doonass in Co. Clare with Declan, and indeed about his prowess and uber professionalism in documenting my own and others’ artworks.

Now, we finally get a chance to see his paintings and ideas in person.

‘Slowing Down’ will showcase a series of these plein-air works – effectively paintings that are made on the spot, along with more abstract musings which these previous works have inspired.

It’s an incisive and I think educational approach to our gallery format, displaying in a visual, but not overly literal way how the artistic process works – often meandering, and rarely linear.

Do feel free and welcome to attend what will be our penultimate show of 2019 – tá fáilte róibh!