At the opening of Horizon - Lines in NF Gallery. My good (shy) pal Rose Rushe, Features Writer with The Limerick Post kindly and expertly did the opening honours.
At the opening of Horizon – Lines in NF Gallery. My good (shy) pal Rose Rushe, Features Writer with The Limerick Post kindly and expertly did the opening honours.


I am currently working on a series of collages and paintings titled ‘Cats’ Tales’, chronicling true and fantastical stories of the cats I find myself guardian to, based on observational drawings. I am also working on a series of illustrated tales featuring their adventures.


Over the last 16 years I have created a series of projects to interact with the public. The People’s Postcard Project, a Per Cent For Art Commission for Breaking Ground, Ballymun,2008-9 arose out of a perceived need to include newly arrived members of the Ballymun community from outside of Ireland. I set up stalls in the Civic Centre one week, and the Farmers’ Market the next, with members of the public free to approach me, be photographed,  and have personalized postcards produced for them with ‘Greetings from Ballymun’  written in their own language. 3 composite postcards with ‘Greetings from Ballymun’ in 13 different languages, were made freely available around Ballymun.


Chatting with a Peoples’ Postcard Project Participant, BallymunPlaza

War Journal, ’Some Kinda Monster’ show, Galway Arts Centre, 2007 presented a visual diary/journal using traditional media recording the week-long installation of a show. Depicted people were given the featuring drawing.

 War Journal,monday afternoon, gallery 2, Galway Arts Centre

War Journal,monday afternoon, gallery 2, Galway Arts Centre


For Object Renewal Project, Askeaton Contemporary Arts Festival, 2006, while based in Bank of Ireland I accepted objects from local people, and made drawings and paintings of these over a week. These objects and drawings were presented together and donors given a work featuring their object.

Object Renewal Project,Bank of Ireland, Askeaton Contemporary Arts Festival 2004
Object Renewal Project,Bank of Ireland, Askeaton Contemporary Arts Festival 2006


Since 1998 I have been an active member of Contact Studios Limerick. We have a unique bartering system to Ireland, where members give teaching time to a local mental health group, in return for work-spaces. I serve on the committee, instigate annual exhibitions and collaborations with other art groups, while I have held a revolving place on the local mental health association. This I feel is an important working example of the practical social value of art to society, particularly the marginalized.


Solo Exhibitions

2014  Dogs’ Tales, Park Kiosk, Limerick

2013 Cats’ Tales, Raggle Taggle Gallery, Limerick

2012 Seasonal Variations, Contact Studios as part of Culture Night

2009 Peoples’ Postcard Project, Breaking Ground Per Cent for Art
Commission, Ballymun
2008 Horizon-Lines, Lucy Tormey Visual Art, Mullingar,Co. Westmeath
2007 Horizon-Lines, NFGallery, John’s St., Limerick
2006 Group Pour-trait, Basement Gallery, Dundalk
2005 Group Pour-trait, Limerick Printmakers, Limerick
2001 A Domestic Suite, Basement Gallery, Dundalk
1998 Interiorscapes, Midland Arts’ Resource Centre (MARC), Mullingar

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015 Drawings National Collection of Contemporary Drawings, Limerick City Gallery

2014 Reunion@Contact, Contact Studios, Limerick

RHA Summer Show, RHA, Dublin

In Exchange, Contact Studios Group Show, Bourn Vincent Gallery

2012 Regia, Belltable Arts Centre, Limerick, curated by Michele Horrigan

2012  Objective Obsessions, selected show, Limerick Printmakers Studio&Gallery

2011  C;inside, studio collective exhibition, Contact Studios

2010  Keeping Contact, Past and present members, Contact Studios

Mysterious Reasonings of Constant Reflection, Sycamore Arts, Templebar, curated by Mark Grehan                                                                                                                                                                 C;inside, Studio collective exhibition,Contact Studios, Limerick

2009 Peoples’ Postcard Project presentation, Culture Night,Contact Studios

2008 From the Studio, Thinkk Creative, Cecil St. Limerick
Once Removed, curated by Sean Lynch, Wexford Arts Centre
Inside Contact, NFGallery, John’s St., Limerick
2007 Presence, Limerick City Gallery
Some Kinda Monster, ‘War Journal’ Project/ Installation,
Galway Arts Centre, curated by Mark Grehan
2006 Askeaton Contemporary Art Festival, ‘Renewal Project’ at Bank of
Ireland, Askeaton, Co.Limerick, curated by Michele Horrigan
C;Inside, River Fringe Arts exhibition and Art Trail, Limerick
Opening Exhibition, NFGallery, John’s St., Limerick
2005 Merge, Galway Arts Festival
On The Surface, curated by Mark Grehan , MARC, Mullingar
Arca Lucis, Athlone Civic Centre
2004 On Show, Dean Crowe Arts Centre, Athlone
You Should Really Go There, Limerick City Gallery, curated by Sean
A New Dynamic, Dean Crowe Arts Centre, Athlone, curated by
Mark Grehan
Headlines, off-site project in Limerick City Centre, curated by
Jenny Haughton
2003 Ensemble, Limerick Printmakers, Limerick
Chapters of Approach, Church Gallery, Clare St, Limerick
2002 In Process, City Hall, Limerick, curated by Mike Fitzpatrick
Collections (Selected)
University of Limerick, Jim Kemmy Building, Limerick City Gallery of
Art Permanent Collection, Limerick School of Art and Design,
Dundalk Municipal Collection

Selected Reviews/Publications

2015 Mathilda’s Tale, written and illustrated                                                 VAI Newssheet Sep-Oct issue, overview of Contact Studios
Identity, 2008 exhibition by Ciaran O’Sullivan, commissioned to write
catalogue foreword and interview artist
Circa Online (Current), review of Some Kinda Monster
Circa Online (Current), review of Askeaton Object Renewal Project
1996-1998 BA Hons, Fine Art (painting), Limerick Institute of Technology
1989-1992 Diploma in Art and Design, Falmouth School of Art and Design


2013,2014  Grants under the Arts Act Limerick City & County Council

2005, 2008 Grants under the Arts Act Limerick City

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