Over the last 13 years Carl Doran has created a series of projects to interact with the public.

Peoples-Postcard-ProjectPeople’s Postcard Project (1 of 3 composites),5x7in(13x18cm),Breaking Ground Public Art Commission,Ballymun,Dublin,2009

The People’s Postcard Project, a Per Cent For Art Commission for Breaking Ground, Ballymun, 2008-9 arose out of a perceived need to include newly arrived members of the Ballymun community from outside of Ireland. I set up stalls in the Civic Centre one week, and the Farmers’ Market the next, with members of the public free to approach me, be photographed, and have personalized postcards produced for them with ‘Greetings from Ballymun’ written in their own language. 3 composite postcards with ‘Greetings from Ballymun’ in 13 different languages, were made freely available around Ballymun.

Some-Kindsa-MonsterWar Journal, ‘Painting Install’, acrylic on paper,project for Some Kindsa Monster curated by Mark Grehan,Galway Arts Centre,2007

War Journal, ’Some Kinda Monster’ show, Galway Arts Centre, 2007 presented a visual diary/journal using traditional media recording the week-long installation of a show. Depicted people were given the featuring drawing.

Bank-of-Ireland-AskeatonArtist Carl Doran with Donor William Dillon, Bank of Ireland, Askeaton Contemporary Art Festival 2006,curated by Michele Horrigan

For Object Renewal Project, Askeaton Contemporary Arts Festival, 2006, while based in Bank of Ireland I accepted objects from local people, and made drawings and paintings of these over a week. These objects and drawings were presented together and donors given a work featuring their object.

‘Outside studio(with Tom)’,from About Six Months, acrylic on paper,Wexford Arts Centre,curated by Seán Lynch,2008