Narrating ‘The Pilgrim’ for Latitudes at Askeaton Contemporary Arts 2018

Franciscan Abbey, Askeaton courtesy Askeaton Contemporary Arts

Had a ball lending my vocal ‘talents’ to Latitudes’ Max and Mariana for their sound project for Askeaton Contemporary Arts (ACA) 2018. Sometimes it’s best to leave the synopsis making to the experts, so the following text is directly from ACA. The link below will lead directly to the 12 minute or so tale – do enjoy, it’s a real swashbuckling adventure!!!

‘In case you might have missed this incredible sound work by curatorial duo Latitudes (Max Andrews and Mariana Cánepa Luna) on our annual open day for Welcome to the Neighbourhood, have a listen here

“The Pilgrim” by Tim Kelly. Read by Carl Doran. Published in Askeaton-Balysteen Community News, Summer 1984. This is a story of young love, of a clandestine marriage of a jealous father. It is the tale which involves an Italian, and a Spaniard, and a morbid blood-hunt that links Barcelona with Askeaton. And of murder – of cruel, bloody murder. The dramatic narrative brings to life a cryptic inscription in the cloister of Askeaton’s Friary that reads “Beneath lies the Pilgrim’s body, who died January 17, 1784”.

“The Pilgrim” was Latitudes’ contribution to the Askeaton Contemporary Arts 2018 residency “Welcome to the Neighbourhood”. It is a starting point rather than a conclusion. A textual splinter that is now pointing us towards future research around the navigators, pirates, traders, religions, and economies which linked Ireland with the Atlantic and western-Mediterranean sea-lanes during the last centuries.