Limerick Connections at Limerick City Gallery of Art

No Repro Fee Mayor Michael Collins pictured with Carl Doran of Limerick City and his work at the new exhibition in the Limerick City Gallery of Art (LCGA) highlighting the links between artists and Limerick over the past half a century. Limerick Connections is an exhibition of works by artists associated with Limerick from the 1970s to the present day. A total of 67 artists are included in the show with a strong emphasis on painting. The diverse nature of the exhibition gives a full appraisal of how techniques and subject matter have changed over the last 50 years but the fundamental gesture of painting remains the same. Pic. Brian Arthur (courtesy I Love Limerick).

It’s always been a great pleasure to present work to the public, and moreso perhaps when you don’t have to go to the effort yourself of putting it up! Fantastic news therefore when I was informed my work that forms part of the Limerick City Gallery Collection, would feature along with 66 other artists with strong Limerick Connections.

Given these strange times, and the gallery being closed until not so long ago due to Covid, it had a comforting resonance – much like Matisse compared great works of art with a comfortable pair of slippers. (I am, as some might know, a bit of an authority on slippers).

Hard to credit it really, but I have now lived in The Treaty for 25 years – over half my life, since coming down to complete a Painting Degree in LSAD.

We were fortunate as it turned out not to be in the dilemma that faced graduates this year, unable to attend college to complete the last few crucial months of the Academic year, and then a virtual show.

Despite being no fan of the looong speeches from the podium, the Graduate show is a highlight of the year for myself and many, many others – a chance to see ideas and art, perhaps to buy work, and meet friends and potential new friends and colleagues.

It was super to see that LCGA and independent staff members took the initiative to exhibit work from the newly graduated artists in the show previous to this – it is a real public service, and I am delighted for all.

I cannot understand how a showing of graduate work cannot be hosted on the Clare St. Campus in a safe manner, be it in the (vast) Church Gallery, or even outdoors on campus. It is certainly something the very upper echelons of the School should urgently attend to, in the interests of completing the Artists’ education and experience.

Go n-éirí an bóthar libh to all the graduates!