My new project, All The World Is A Stage, will debut in Amsterdam, on May 22 as Askeaton Contemporary Arts’ (ACA) contribution to Kunstvlaai, the internationally-renowned platform for experimental art spaces.

Wednesday, gallery 4, War Journal, Galway Arts Centre
Wednesday, gallery 4, War Journal, Galway Arts Centre

‘Established in 1997, this year’s Kunstvlaai focuses on innovative methods of exhibition making, based inside the Stadsschouwburg, a nineteenth century building once home to the Dutch National Ballet and Opera. Distorting the lines between stage and audience, Doran draws and sketches throughout the theatre – onstage, offstage, among and around the theatre, all the time shifting points of view. His aim: to capture in real time this space and its protagonists, to construct a new sense of place and vitality’ (courtesy Askeaton Contemporary Arts website).

I’m very much looking forward to the challenge of making art in a short space of time, with unknown results, and of course revisiting this beautiful city.

My sincere thanks to my colleagues Michele Horrigan and Seán Lynch of ACA for facilitating the project, and to the good folks of Kunstvlaai for their hard work and dedication.