The Plane Invasion

Plane Invasion
The Plane Invasion

I’m honoured to be part of this show in the Limerick School of Art&Design’s Church Gallery. The show is in memory of our too-early departed friend Orlagh Spain, and the culmination of a lot of work and organisation of her many friends.

Mathilda’s Tale Book Launch

Mathilda's Tale Cover
Mathilda’s Tale Cover

Excitement is building around the launch of Mathilda’s Tale, a 12 page book written and illustrated by myself, taking place on March 16th at the Civic Trust in Askeaton, Co. Limerick at 8pm. The good folk of the town have been most kind to me over the years of my association with Welcome to the Neighborhood ( Askeaton Contemporary Arts Festival ), and local tour guide Anthony Sheehy and Anita Guinane particularly deserve my thanks.

Mathilda ( née Squealer, née Cáit ), a fluffy tabby cat along with her brother Tricky were repatriated to the small town from my shed in Thomondgate about 5 years ago after some ingenious trapping. She found a fantastic new home with the Horrigan family, but in 2013 a Bold Blackbird took umbrage at her presence and proceeded to harass her at every turn. What happened next you’ll have to peruse the book to find out!

Poor oul' Mathilda being harassed by the Blackbird
Poor oul’ Mathilda being harassed by the Bold Blackbird

My sincere thanks to Anne and Michele Horrigan and Seán Lynch for providing a nice home for the pair, and indeed for looking after me over the years. Also my thanks to Chris of McKerns printing in Limerick for their excellent and accommodating services.

A big shout out also to Allan Hughes, a Welcome to the Neighborhood Alumnus who will present his work simultaneously on the night in question, with work pertaining to ‘The Emergency’ as the World War 2 period in Ireland was called, and local circumstances at the time.

If you can come the following day, my good friend and ( also ) fellow Askeaton Alumnus Susan MacWilliam will have a float or variation thereof in the St. Patrick’s Day parade. It’s inspired by the fall of a meteorite on the town in the 1800’s and should be great fun. Lets hope for good weather!!



Dogs’ Tales epilogue

Myself and my good friend Tia.
Myself and my good friend Tia enjoying a drop of tea.

There was a great buzz on the afternoon of December 13th for the closing day/presentation of all the Dogs’ Tales (see Dogs’ Tales Page). 38 prints in all were on show in the Kiosk with the public and participants all invited. A mildly chaotic feel to the proceedings was provided by the presence of a number of our canine subjects, some saying hello for the first time.

Larry the King Charles had to stoop very low to hear the latest Hedgehog gossip.
Larry the King Charles had to stoop very low to hear the latest Hedgehog gossip.

For the cold but bright afternoon we had some delicious mulled wine from ‘Canteen’ in Limerick. As is customary, I did have a few words of thanks for all involved, with a comic ‘dog-related’ pun theme. Sincere thanks to the participants, my new four legged friends, Limerick City of Culture, and all who took the time to engage with the project.

A lovely crowd of two and four legged Patrons turned out.
A lovely crowd of two and four legged Patrons turned out.



Reunion@Contact Studios 2014 Culture Night

Contact Studios Culture Night 2014 (2)To mark Contact Studios 17th year we invited previous members to exhibit work alongside our current members. The Studios were cleared and cleaned and presented as a gallery space.

26 Alumni along with our current 14 members partook, and there was a great crossover of the Contact Generations. There was a great response to the show, and hopefully this network will grow and consolidate over time.


On the night I exhibited a 2x2ft (60x60cm) work which forms part of Skippy’s Tale. It’s a tonal piece, depicting a moment when 3 of Skippy’s kittens observe a snowy landscape for the first time, and contemplate venturing out into it. The collage will form part of the illustrated aspect of a book, which will be the second after Mathilda’s Tale (of which more in the short term).

Luggage Doors Operating for LSAD Big Weekend

Hand Screen printed 'Album' Sleeve
 Screen printed ‘Album’ Sleeve

Limerick School of Art & Design host current students and Alumni June 7th weekend. As part of this celebration Luggage doors Operating, a composite band of a patchwork of Limerick Studios will present music to this arty audience.

Pictured above is the cover sleeve depicting the members (l-r), Carl Doran (Highwayman), Pamela Dunne (Sailor), Rory Prout (Dam Builder), and of course Kevin O’Keefe (Starship Navigator). Expect some original songs, and some original approaches to covers.


May 2014 RHA Summer Show

Artist Seán Healy and Askeaton Cotemporary Art's Michele Horrigan view Cáit's Tale - Moonlight in Monilea in the RHA Summer Show
Artist Seán Healy and Askeaton Cotemporary Art’s Michele Horrigan view Cáit’s Tale – Moonlight in Monilea in the RHA Summer Show

There was a great attendance over two open nights for the show, thousands have already seen it. Delighted to be in such good company, and a prime hanging space.

I bade adieu to Dublin’s Fair City with a heavy heart.






Cáit's Tale - Moonlight in Monilea Cáit’s Tale – Moonlight in Monilea

This chapter, a 3 x3 ft (90 x 90 cm) oil painting will be displayed as part of the RHA Summer show in Dublin, commencing May 27th, public Opening May 26th. She’s pictured here all ready to depart in Normoyle & Frawley’s Gallery and Framing, who did a great job as usual. My thanks to Gary Coyle for facilitating my participation in this prestigious event. My thanks also to my Artist friend Seán Healy (in advance) for his hosting and critical skills.

Continuing on the theme of Cats’ Tales (see Cats’ Tales Page and March 2013 post), this painting imagines Cáit wandering around Monilea by Moonlight. Monilea, a rural area in Co. Westmeath is where I spent many of my teenage years, and was the subject of many Landscapes I painted. It seemed apt to combine the two subjects, both lost times, existing in a half-remembered, dream-like area of my consciousness.


Culture Night 2013 Friday 20th September 5-10pm

Culture Night Flyer 2013


For Culture Night my studio (along with my co-Contact Studioers)  opened to the public, and slightly tidied up for safe public access. On view and in process at the moment were some ‘Seasonal Variations’ paintings on the ground, along with a few finished pieces, and a preview of ‘Mathilda’s Tale’. ‘Mathilda’s Tale’ is predominantly a series of fine pen sketches concerning a step-sister of Mindy&Mandy (see Cats’ Tales post below), and concerns the ongoing tensions between an Askeaton (Co. Limerick) Blackbird, and a Thomondgate Cat. Ourselves and our 300 or so guests had a great night, with much-needed funds raised through ourPostcard&Affordable Art Sale, and as always, some photo’s from the night will follow.


musical interlude in Bellwether exhibition


Also, as part of (Faber Studios) Kevin O’Keefe’s project in the Bellwether show in the Church Gallery, Clare St., Limerick, myself and Pamela Dunne from the Limerick Printmakers  played some music inspired by the spirit of Limerick inter-studio cooperation – and an upholstered electric guitar between 6pm and 7.30pm. It is possible to be in 2 places at once!!

Photograph courtesy of Gearóid O’Donoghue.

Preview In Exchange Contact Studios Exhibition April 4th 2013, 5-7pm.

Bourn Vincent Gallery, University of Limerick, curated by Yvonne Davis.

Bourn Vincent Gallery, Foundation Building, University of Limerick
Contact Studios and the Visual Art Department of the University of Limerick would like to invite you to inEXCHANGE, an exhibition of work by artists in Contact Studios at the Bourn Vincent Gallery in the University of Limerick. The opening is on Thursday April 4th from 5 to 7 pm and the exhibition will run until June 6th.

Marie-Claire Boothman, Julie Brazil, Niamh Brown, John Collins, Susan Corcoran, Ann Daly, Carl Doran, Maurice Foley, Declan Greene, Gerry O’Mahony, Anne Marie Morrin, John Murphy, Nuala O’Sullivan, Sheila Richardson, Andreina Scott, Sheila Stone