A House full of Flies – paintings by Stephen Murphy at Gallery Interlude, opens Friday December 13 7-9pm

Poster by Interlude member Isabella Walsh featuring ‘Faint’ by Stephen Murphy

For our 8th and final exhibition of 2019 we are delighted to put forth the works of the esteemed Stephen Murphy, a man who needs no introduction, but for the purposes of this post I will do anyway.

Steve joined our Contact Studios’ ranks a number of years ago, his paintings are much sought after and his work and teaching skills have earned him no small renown.

The paintings themselves – many of them made for this show – are quite exquisite in painterly terms and touch, and there is more than an element of surrealism and dark humour to be observed.

It is a great pleasure for us on the Interlude Team to host Steve, and we look forward to another cracking night of art and chat (if we can get a word in ;).

As our final attempt this year to kick-start and foster constructive debate, we will have copies available of the seemingly ‘mothballed’ Visual Arts Ecology Report from 2015, by John Holden. John was commissioned by the visual arts pillar from Limerick City of Culture to take stock of the Limerick ‘scene’ at the time, and provide perhaps a few pointers on what was good, bad etc.

Many of us are quite confused as to why it was never published – it is not overly critical, but it seems to me the longer it is left the less relevant it becomes.

My thanks for the support of my many fellow professionals and the LCGA also in this matter.