New Paintings

Sleeping Cats and en plein air orchard painting
Sleeping Cats and en plein air orchard painting

I’ve been working on some paintings while also nearing completion of my Skippy’s Tale illustrated book. The piece on the left in progress is based on a sketch of Mandy and her mother Squealer sleeping on the couch. It’s hard to say how much more work will go into it – certainly some more layers of solid paint/ dry – brushing and some light glazes at least.

On the right a painting made in situ in an orchard near Clonlara, Co. Clare. The day started out sunny but rain began in earnest after about an hour and a half and brought proceedings to a close. I think I managed to get something of the trees’ lyrical structure, and hearing random apples drop in their own time around me was an extremely pleasant experience.

My thanks to fellow artist Declan Greene for letting me tag along!


Next up – news on Culture Night 2016.