Painting back on track

A view through to Paul’s studio, pen and white paint brush.

After quite a long time I feel comfortable back in the studio, the daily routine once again normalised. It’s been a pretty productive period over the last few months, kick started in part by undertaking a drawing everyday for a few weeks (sort of).

Start with what’s around you, and as I am next door – so to speak – to artist Paul Rhatigan, I portrayed the view from my side. I’m using the pen and white paint (pen) brush technique, similar to my residency in Limerick City Gallery last year. I’m pretty happy with the results.

The small stool reminds me of War of the Worlds!

I like the challenge of trying to capture chaotic scenes, with several competing hard and soft lines and textures having to be portrayed, and it’s a great discipline.

I have completed the painting of the pink vase I had been working on, the ‘solid’ painting that is. In a month or so I will glaze and sign it. The glaze will most likely be two oil washes of light pink, and pretty electric cerulean blue hue. Hopefully that will bring it together nicely.

I’ve also been working on a couple of other paintings, but for now, I’ll post up the drawing one of them is based on.

Oíche mhaith a Dhaoine Úaisle,