‘The Stonebreakers’ new commission launched at Askeaton Contemporary Arts Festival, July 18 2018

Stonebreakers polaroid July 18 2018
Stonebreakers polaroid July 18 2018

I was honoured and excited to be part of the Welcome to the Neighborhood program of events, the 13th iteration of the Askeaton Contemporary Arts (ACA) Festival as curated by Michele Horrigan.

In association with ACA and working closely with the Office of Public Works (OPW), I have commenced a project entitled ‘The Stonebreakers’ exploring the day-to-day activities of the OPW workers on the site of Desmond Castle in Askeaton town. The project will see me embedded on various days over the course of perhaps 9-12 months on site, documenting the various activities undertaken through drawing.

Similar to my War Journal Project (see projects section of my website), my aim will be to push my drawing skills to capture an alternative take, and to more clearly understand how the Castle and OPW ecology works.

I intend to produce a publication, more than likely a comic to educate the public young to old on what goes on in stabilising and re-imagining the castle’s structure, and perhaps some larger illustrated panels referring to tools of the trade. We will also host another couple of informal public progress reports and information events over the lifetime of the project.

What are They Building Over There?, the title of the ACA event served as an information lunch for the general public, and my thanks to all who attended and made it happen.

Especial thanks to Joe & Edward (OPW), masons who gave a very informative talk and questions and answer session, and to Billy Foley (OPW) for his support,  and as always my thanks to ACA, and The Arts Council.

Further progress will be reported here in the future!